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Image by Hennadii Hryshyn
Guided Hike

Prionia to refuge Α - {Spilios Agapitos} 2100m  >>
                                  2 days
up to 2900m

the 2-day tour, this can be done as follows:

   First we meeting in Litochoro and then with the vehicle we go to the hiking base "Prionia" (1100m)
A) first day> Prionia - refuge A (Spilios Agapitos 2100m)
Route length: 6 km. - Duration: 4 hours. (slow pace) Ascent: 994m. Ascent - Moderate difficulty.
-----overnight stay at the refuge-----
B) second day> Refuge A - Skala top (2875m)
where the view of the summit is spectacular and looks so close you'll want to touch it.
from here we can climb to the summit of Mytika upon consultation.
*Mytikas in any case have extra cost - climbing to the summit of Olympus (2918m) not need ropes. 70% of climbers do not use ropes. *photos & video => here 

                              - Route length: 2,7 km [in total together with the return to the refuge 5,5km]
- Duration total: 4-5 hours, 6 km Ascent: 800m Ascent 
- Moderate difficulty
- return to the hiking base "Prionia" 6 km descent: 994m - & return to Litochoro

Minimum numbers 1 or 2 persons. 
{cost for only 1 person private = 210e}   
2 per cost 110e p/p 
*For more than 3 persons there is discount
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