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Mountain Climbing
Image by Hennadii Hryshyn
Via Ferrata
w path

2 days - Circular tour of Olympus
with Summit & Via Ferrata

First day we meeting in Litochoro and then with the vehicle we go to the hiking base "Prionia" 1100m, 18km from Litochoro, road from Litochoro to Prionia is asphalt in good condition.

1st day: we hike to the refuge 'Sp. Agapitos' 2100m, [requires 3,5 - 4 hours of hiking] where there will be a long break of 1,5 hour
& then we will follow a wild path
that will lead us to the Plateau of the Muses 2700m where is for overnight the refuge "G.Apostolidis" (about 3h of hiking)
(Mouson Plateau )

-altitude difference: 1600m
-Ascent - Moderate difficulty - difficult

---overnight stay—-

At the next day we can go to the Summit -or- to the other 2 peaks located there at an altitude of 2800m that don't require climbing ie (easy to hike), see :

-altitude difference: 300m Ascent / 1600m descent
-Ascent/descent : difficult

then descent from the 'Zonaria' route
-or- from the "Goumarostali" route, where at the beginning there is a Via Ferrata length 300m as shown in the photos > Via Ferrata

[from this route we reach the parking lot very soon]
& we will be back in Litochoro.


Minimum numbers 1 or 2 persons. 
* {cost for only 1 person private = 240e}
     for 2 per cost 140e p/p 
*For more than 3 persons there is discount


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