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Guided Hike

4 days Hiking Tour Exploration of Mt.Olympus 

4 days/ 3 nights

The Greatest Trail & Tour of all! 
DAY1  : We meet in Litochoro and we transfer to Gortsia from where we begin our hike, at an altitude of 1.100m. The route from Gortsia  to Petrostrouga  refuge {with excellent kitchen and rooms} is one of the most frequented hiking path on Mount Olympus. Most of the hike is through a thick forest of pine, beech and fir trees, and the path is in good condition and Petrostrougka Refuge are at an altitude of 1.940m
(Estimated Walking Time: approx. 3 hours)
..DAY2  : From the Petrostrouga refuge, we will follow a zig zaging path will bring us straight to Plateau of the Muses where there are two friendly refuges will accommodate us. refuges Kakkalos and Giosos Apostolidis.  This is an amazing day in breathtaking scenery. After lunch and relax  we will climb a small peak – named Profitis Ilias > where on the top there is a very old chapel and Toumba peak– just above our refuge to admire superb views of Mt Olympus summits and deep gorges ( 2 hrs round trip ). An alpine plato at an altitude of 2700m
(Estimated Walking Time 4 hours)
  ...DAY3 : From Mouson Plateau we have two options according to groups fitness and weather conditions: Using the refuges as a base it is the ideal location from which to make short climbs to the peaks of Toumba (2801 m) and Profitis Ilias (2803 m). There are also high peaks of Mount Olympus. Or we ascent to the main path and crossing the spectacular precipice under the summit of Stefani - the throne of Zeus- with name Zonoria and  [Depending on fitness teams or minimum of Climbing experience] we ascent to the main summit *Mytikas (2.918meters) -150m about climbing-
- climbing to the summit of Olympus (2918m) not need ropes. 70% of climbers do not use ropes. *photos & video => here
*{Mytikas have extra cost}
In the afternoon departure for the refuge Α - {Spilios Agapitos} where it will be overnight
(Estimated Walking for all day 4- 5 hours)
....DAY4 :   Last day starts with the downhill of mountain.  Will follow the E4 path (international path) to Litochoro, after easy walk we stop at Prionia place.(Prionia is one of the highest point which can be reached by car). Later we enter the Enippeas gorge,  and we will arrive at cave-chapel and the monastery of St. Dionysus, and then a short hike of 25' we will reach the hiking base "Gortsia" from where we started our 1st day and we have left the vehicle there to return us to Litochoro.  The route is quite tiring, but the varied geological features, the small lakes with crystal waters and the sheer provide a rare beauty and are entirely rewarding.
(Estimated Walking  6 hours)
Some more information

 Mouson Plateau the refuges Kakkalos and Giosos Apostolidis.
 are at an altitude of (2650m).
  There is no spring water along the route with a reliable flow of water.
Water can be found in the middle of the track to refuge PETROSTROUGA as well as in all other shelters. Where impressive age-old Pinus heldreichii trees can be seen.
Mouson Plateau (2650m) where the alpine landscape begins.
  Here (2.650m) the two refuges have excellent kitchen and rooms for overnight stay, 
Price List of Refuges >  here
                                          *Overnight cost in the refuge: 18e/per night
*Mytikas in any case have extra cost
 *Anyone who thinks & feels need to climb to Mytikas with ropes and  helmet have extra cost
  Duration: 4 days
Altitude Difference: 2300 m.
Route of moderate difficulty / 10% difficulty
Length : 30 Km
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