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There are at least 16 reasons that make Pieria’s 16 beaches unrivalled.

   The length of the sea front, the abundant, golden sand, the quality of the water, the unrepeatable combination of coastline and mountainous massifs, changes in landscape, easy road and rail access, facilities for small craft, the alternation between quiet and cosmopolitan life, the diversity of flora and fauna, hotel infrastructure, the range of cuisine and entertainment, the wealth of sporting activities available, countless sites of cultural and ecological interest, well organized shopping facilities and the range of towns dotted along the coast.

The length of the sea front: 
16 organized beaches each with its own different character stretch out in succession along a distance of 70 kilometers allowing you, the visitor, to enjoy all the benefits from different yet neighboring locations while ensuring a large gamut of choices.

The sand: Pieria’s coastline consists of wide stretches of beaches with abundant, golden sand.

The sea: Pieria’s beaches have crystal clear, blue seas, shallow water and are safe for all ages.

The combination of mountain and sea: While enjoying the beach and sea you also have the opportunity to visit the nearby cool villages and shady locations of Pieria’s mountain ranges which stretch along the coastline and take in scenic routes through the mountains.

Alternating landscapes: Next to the sea pine forests and copses alternate with extensive beaches and isolated bays allowing you to choose the landscape you want.

Easy access: Three parallel roads and bus and train lines make transportation a matter of choice.

Facilities for small craft: Organized harbors are ideal for small craft.

Quiet and cosmopolitan life alternating: The 16 successive beaches are ideal for all types of holidays from a quiet family break to intense night life.

The diversity of flora and fauna: Pieria has everything, from seagulls and other marine bird life on the coastline to rare species in the wetlands.

Tried and tested hotel infrastructure: You can also choose between all types of accommodation from hotel complexes, guesthouses, rooms to let, bungalows and organized campsites.

A range of cuisine: Along Pieria’s coastline traditional taverns, cozy restaurants and an abundance of snack bars are available providing all types of food.

A range of entertainment: When visiting Pieria you can choose between excursions, walks, cultural life, night outings and many other forms of entertainment.

Diverse sporting activities: Swimming, wind surfing, pedaloes, sailing, diving and almost all forms of sport usually found at tourist resorts are available along Pieria’s coastline.

Cultural interest: Very close to the resorts along the coastline internationally renowned cultural events are organized. There are archaeological sites of global importance while traditional villages with important examples of Byzantine and post-Byzantine architecture can be seen.

Ecological interest: Traveling along the 70-kilometer coastline one comes across extensive wetlands and areas of ecological importance. These will leave you with unforgettable experiences.

Extensive shopping facilities: Shopping spices up one’s holidays. An extensive range of shops can be found along the length of the coastline to suit the taste and pocket of each visitor.

A range of villages: The coastline is dotted with interesting villages ranging from recent fishing villages to small historical towns and monasteries whose history dates back to the Middle Ages.

16 beaches, 16 choices, 16 reasons to get to know Pieria

Northern Pieria: Methoni, Agios Giannis, Makrigialos, Pydna, Alikes Kitros

Central Pieria: Korinos, Paralia, Olympic Beach

Southern Pieria: Gritsa, Plaka Litochoro, Leptokarya, Skotina Beach, Panteleimonas Beach, Platamonas, Nei Pori, Kalivia Varikou

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