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Waterfalls on Mt Olympus

Visit 4 different waterfalls at the foothills of N/NE mt Olympus

The walk takes about 4~5 h 

                               Orlia Stream with 4 Wonderful Waterfalls!!! 
Three of them are popular, but the fourth is secret and unknown to the tourists of Olympus!
  It's a hike activity but also needs a car.  
*For the 3 waterfalls there is no problem with the road, it is asphalt. (ie, this route is a total 50Km by car from Litochoro)
But for the 4th waterfall ( The Secret Waterfall ) there is a problem with a bad road* photos of road here #   *visit to the 4th waterfall can be canceled if there is no suitable car (4x4),, but also can be done with a simple car & with a little patience (preferably rented car). 
  The ascent begins at Agios Konstantinos chapel. This chapel it is 4 km along the forested road from Dion.
Dion Meeting point Map -> here
or in Litochoro    => here
The hiking distance it is 2 km to the "Kokkinos Vrachos" which is home to one of the most stunning waterfalls on Mount Olympus with the impressive height of  20m 
* Τhe water is drinkable & spotlessly clean and springs from sources of Olympus.
* Have bathing suits and towels with you for dives in the most pure and crystal clear waters you've ever seen! 
* Video     here
the 'Kokkinos Vrachos' waterfall need trekking: 50 min
Altitude Difference: 270 m.
Easy route
Length 2 Km
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